Fly Fusion® Extravaganza

A weekend of Fly Fusion® awesomeness!


You might be asking, “What the heck is Fly Fusion®?” and “Is Fly Fusion® for me?”... so, let’s talk!


Fly Fusion® is a little bit American Tribal Style®, a little bit Tribal Fusion, and a whole lot of Satori Violet! Essentially, it’s a dance language we created so that we could do our own unique style of fusion belly dance, on the fly, whenever and with anyone who could communicate it. We invite you to dance with us, learn the language, and therefore create movement magic on the fly with your fellow dancers!


We have a fast vocabulary and a slow vocabulary, “Slowcab”, which have their own sets of cues and combinations. On Saturday, we’ll spend the day getting energized by fast Fly, and on Sunday, we’ll ease out of the weekend with ooey-gooey Fly Slowcab. This weekend is will be full of laughs, sweat, and maybe some happy tears.


Mini-Intensive Workshop Weekend

Great River Arts Center, Little Falls Mn


Friday May 5, 6-8pm

Happy Hafla & Potluck: ($5 at door)  This is a casual and fun dancers only event!  Perfect to bring a hand drum or some food to eat!  Coffee, tea and water will be offered, and a variety of yummy foods.  This is also a time for students to enjoy dancing with others in a supportive, fun setting!  Costume swap and sell will be available, details coming soon!

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Saturday May 6 


Fast Foundation 

$45  Learn the roots of fast Fly; the stall series! Dancers will learn the Fly Shimmy, Arabic, Egyptian, and their variations, and then learn how to communicate these with other dancers and how to pass off the lead. What the heck does that all mean? Come and find out!

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Fast Expansion

$45: Now that we have our foundational movements and know how to use them, we’ll dive into the fun world of COMBOS! These dynamic and quick mini-choreographies are a ton of fun to learn, and even more fun to do when you put them together with your new knowledge from the first workshop of the day!

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Sunday May 7th 10am-12pm

Slow Foundation


 We’ll ooze into the day with some strong coffee and sassy, slow Fly! Starting at the very basics, we’ll learn the Silk Maya, which is the root to much of the Slowcab. From there, we’ll discuss how to communicate with your dancers, and then dive into some groovy combinations you’re sure to enjoy. We’ll wrap things up with a dance-a-thon and, of course, hugs!

P.S. If you were at our last Fly weekend in Brainerd, we’ll be reviewing some of the Slow Fly material we learned last time! But don’t worry, you don’t have to know anything about Fly Fusion® when you show up to this weekend of workshops. :)

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  ** All tickets are non-refundable & non-transferable**


Super Fly Package

All 3 Workshops $115 (save $15)


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Lunch ticket $12

Available Saturday only

NOT included in Superfly Package

1 yummy lunch sack from our local Crow Wing Food Co-op!  Made with love from local & organic ingredients by Bri!  Best lunch in town brought right to you!

Lunch includes: Sandwich or wrap, chips, salad, drink & small chocolate!


*vegetarian, vegan, and GF options available upon request!  We aim to please, just tell us what you like!  Contact Megg Here with any specifics!


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The Art of Belly Dance Show Sptacular

GRA, Little Falls Mn

Saturday May 6


(Doors open at 6:30pm)

Come see Violet and other spectaclar dancers perform at the big event!

More details coming soon!


Adults $15

Kids $10

*Water, soda, beer, & wine

will be available for purchase 


Tickets available soon through

Great River Arts

Ticket NOT included in Super Fly Package




Belly Dance by Megg